Probably the hardest puzzle on the internet..

Over 23,000 people have tried to solve it, no one has yet.

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LED bulbs: a bright idea?

Next time you screw in a cheap incandescent light bulb, ask yourself this: Do you ride a horse to work? Still churning your own butter?

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First DirectX 10 Game Footage.

This is footage is made by CryTek (the people who brought us FarCry) on the DX10 API, shown at the PDC Microsoft Conference. It looks simply amazing!

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Light transmitting concrete

A wall made of LitraCon has the strength of traditional concrete but thanks to an embedded array of optical glass fibers, view of the outside world, such as the silhouette of trees, houses and passersby, are transmitted inside the building.

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Ajax Powered Online Dictionary!

no need to go to As you type a word in the textbox, a javascript event fires and a HTTP GET request to the ASPX page. The response from the ASPX page is simply displayed in a div tag under the textbox. The page is not refreshed/reloaded for every keystroke as everything is done by the javascript in the page.

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The 5 most outrageously overpaid CEOs

Here’s the pantheon of execs whose paychecks soar while their companies suffer. Also: 5 who produce stellar results for a comparative pittance. #3 Sun Microsystems’s Scott McNealy. $13.1 million a year over the past four years, even as Sun’s shareholders lost 76% of their money.

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A DIY Cruise Missile

This guy decided to prove that you can easily build your own cruise missile with a budget of US$5,000.

Check out what happened to this guy once he completed the project…..

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Photoshop – how to make people look Pretty

A great tutorial by on “Beautify a Face”.. very detailed with downloadable image so you can follow along… lots of other nice tuts over at

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Classic Web Browser Emulator

See how today’s web would look like on various classic browsers, such as Internet Explorer 2.0, Mosaic 1.0, and Netscape Navigator 1.0.

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Sun goes opensource. Official.

“What is the OpenSolaris Project?

The OpenSolaris project is an open source operating system, a community development effort and a place for collaboration and conversation about OpenSolaris technology. ”

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