Today I was brushing up on my web standards and (re)found a couple of great reference sites: SimpleBits, A List Apart and zeldman. I think I might be using some of the ideas on ALA when I finally create brianducharme.com.



art.com has a pretty cool flash application that lets you paint on a canvas using paint brushes or splatter. Some of the cool features are the ability to darken colors by going over them twice as well as a playback function allowing you to watch the picture get painted.


This photo was taken in August of 2004 at the X-Games Big Air Finals in Los Angeles, California. Photo of Bob Burquist.

I am trying out flickr as a way of uploading posts to my blog. I’ll let you know how it works out.


On a more morbid note I stumbled upon Malady of the Month which is kind of like a car wreck… you can’t help but look. Besides being a bit morbid, the site is actually pretty informative. I will forever have the image of the Harlequin fetus burned into my mind.


Today I found another great Torrent site: Youceff Torrents. In addition to having a good selection of torrents it also has a password database to crack those encrypted releases that want you to go and register on their site in order to unlock the download.


You never know what you are going to find on the internet…Sensible Erection is one of those sites. This KiWi / American site has some interesting pr0n as well as a FARK type quality to it.